Coming soon \ Summer 2018

The most reliable and trustworthy decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

everbloom is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange launching in the summer of 2018.

Started by a team of technologists with over a decade of experience building enterprise companies, everbloom's goal is to bring the power and security of decentralized exchanges to the masses in a reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use manner.

The first release of the exchange is built on the Ethereum blockchain, supporting Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens.

  • Non-Custodial

    everbloom is a decentralized exchange which utilizes the blockchain for settlement. We never take custody of your cryptocurrency. Your private keys stay private.

  • Ethereum & ERC20 Tokens

    Our first release is built on Ethereum with support for trading ether and ERC20 tokens through the EtherDelta smart contract. This means everbloom is an alternative way to interact with your EtherDelta deposits and trades.

  • Multi-Protocol

    Our first launch is built on Ethereum and EtherDelta, but we are hard at work on supporting more exchange protocols and more blockchains. Stay tuned.

Our Company

Based in the United States, everbloom is meeting the challenge of regulation where other companies choose to move elsewhere. This is key to building a platform people trust over the long-term.

Our founding team is comprised of experienced professionals who have founded multiple companies, collectively raising over $60M in funding, hiring hundreds of people, and deliver products to thousands. We are putting that experience to work to build the best exchange technology.

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